Bomb Pod Fungi
Bomb Pods
Bomb Pod Fungi
Featured in Lego Metroid (Original)
Lego Metroid (Revamp)
Locations LM (Original) -N/A
LM (Revamp) -N/A
Uses Bomb Canisters
Weakness N/A

The Bomb Pod Fungi, or simply known as Bomb Pods, are explosive fungi that typically grow in dank, dark regions. An unknown chemical reaction within each segment of the mushroom produces violent explosion when agitated. The chemical is retrieved deep underground where it’s rooted. It is in constant state of flux throughout the stem of the mushroom but cease the flow to old segments when new segments are grown. Bomb Pod’s explosive chemical can be harnessed. Older segments of the mushrooms can be picked off when turned into a navy blue color; picking new segment will set of an explosion. Bomb Pods can be turned into Bomb Canisters when handling the picked Bomb Pod segment carefully. Although the chemical ceases flow throughout the segment, the chemical is still volatile and shaking or dropping the segment will cause it to explode.





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