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We welcome all types of editors. Even if you lack skills, we still encourage you to participate in editing on the Lego Metroid Wiki. Over the course of time being on here you'll pick up the coding methods of using Wiki HTML basics. Lego Metroid Wiki uses standard and some experimental wiki coding. To help understand how Wiki coding works, refer to these helpful links:

::For additional help on the Lego Metroid Wiki editing policies, click here: Help:Getting Started.



Merit Badges

We encourage new and old registered users to help contribute by editing existing articles, creating articles, creating templates, creating categories, adding photos, etc. And by doing so, you are rewarded with Merit Badges to be displayed on your profiles.


Rank Medal

When reaching a high number of Badge Milestones and achieve a high number of Badges, you'll be rewarded with Ranks that will also be visible in your profiles and will eventually be a feature for your signatures.

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