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Dal-G is the self-proclaimed leader of a small fleet seen fighting against Dorn's army, Dal-G's former dictator.


According to him, Dal-G played as Dorn's right-hand general to the Sandox Army 5 years prior to their invasion on X-nel XI. Through Dal-G's revelation he conspired to work against Dorn in his final years in the long X-nelian War. In doing so he formed a small fleet, came to be known as the Dal-G Rebellion, made up of recycled X-nelian technology. In his solidarity, Dal-G hid in secrecy in what is known as the X-nelian Mines until Samus arrived picking up Dal-G's distress signal.

When Samus met Dal-G, she offered her assistance in helping him locate and shut down four generators that powered his once tyrant ruler from absorbing the X-nelian energy to rebuild itself. Dal-G held much information from Samus and even given her a faulty suit of his design. Samus begins to speculate foul-play when she confirms the return of Metroids and her nemesis, Ridley. At the battle in the X-nelian Mines, Dal-G handed Samus a Data Chip containing the location of the X-nelian Generators. In it the location of Dal-G other hidden base would be accessible once the fourth generator was shut down. Once Samus confronted Dal-G after completing her mission, Dal-G refuses to join Samus to confront the issue of Dal-G's real motives at gunpoint.




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