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Dox BeamArmcanUpgrade
Dox Beam

Dox Beam Datacon
LM (Origianl) - Standard issue;
Dox Suit
LM (Revamp) - N/A
Temporary electrical
Special uses
Temporary electrical disruptions
Featured in

The Dox Beam sends burst of electrical energy capable of disrupting machinery.

(Revamp) AnalysisEdit


(Original) AnalysisEdit

After Samus obtains the Dox Suit, given to her by Dal-G, she automatically receives the Dox Beam as her default weapon system. However, when Samus squares off with her old nemesis, Ridley, her suit malfunctions and comes off. With this in mind, Samus realizes that the suit was nothing more but a fake and her Power Suit along with her weapon systems return to normal. Evidence showing that her suit was already fake can be seen in Lego Metroid Episode 2 - A New Mission when Samus fights the T-Gunner. Her armcannon fails to fire the Dox Beam when battling the T-Gunner.


  • The Dox Beam shows similarities to the Wave Beam, through its ability to disrupt machinery with electric pulses; as of now, however, there is no known link between them.


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Lego Metroid (Original):

Lego Metroid (Revamp)

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