Attacks Spinning
Weakness Bomb Canisters, Pulse Beam
Location LM (Original) X-nelian Mine,
Signia Temple
Featured in Lego Metroid (Original)
Dro-Quas are Dorn's least picked droids when it comes to battle. Although Dro-Quas were designed and built using X-nelian Ore, they lack agility and progress to get things done. Only one Dro-quas was used during the X-nelian Mine infiltration.

Lego Metroid (Revamp) AnalysisEdit


Lego Metroid (Original) AnalysisEdit

Dro-Quas have no weapon systems but uses physical attacks to injure it's target. When too close, unknowing victims will bind to Dro-quas arms and become mercy at the droids attack. Bomb Canisters are powerful enough to break the X-nelian Ore found encasing the Dro-Quas entirely.


Lego Metroid (Original)

Lego Metroid (Revamp)



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