Drone Keepers
Drone Keepers
Attacks Staff
Weakness Head
Location LM (Original) Junkyard,
X-nelian Mine
Featured in Lego Metroid (Original)
Drone Keepers are moderate size droids that usually guard precious areas as well as certain Generator Guard Drones.

Lego Metroid (Original) AnalysisEdit

It's creator remains a mystery, however, in Episode 3 - The Ancient Temple, the Drone Keepers are seen battling Dal-G and his small rebel fleet alongside Dorn's Army. It is unclear as to who owns the Drone Keepers, but it's possible that Dorn took control of them. Drone Keepers barely appeared in the Junkyard and in the X-nelian Mine battling the Dal-G Rebellion. Their absence in many of Dorn's facilities are notably questioned.


Lego Metroid (Original)



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