Generator Guard Drone III
Generator Guard Drone III

<center>Generator Guard Drone II (Armored)</center>
LM (Original) - Ancient Temple
Mounted 'twin-turrets'; ramming
High temperatures capable of
shattering it's armor plates; standard
Access to the Generator Room

Generator Guard Drone III (GGDIII) is the third drone Samus encounters. This Generator Guard Drone protects one of the four generators Samus needs to shut down. The drone is located in the Ancient Temple where Dorn's army cannot reach.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The X-nelians built the Generator Guard Drone III (considered their very first built Guardian Drone) to protect their precious early built generator, said to power their early civilization before evolving in technology. The Generator Guard Drone III is built based on the Gravity Drones. Built with a thick unknown alloy armor and upgraded weapon systems, the Generator Guard Drone III cannot sustain flight.

This drone was an early render of a long line of Generator Drones built by the X-nelians during their early technological advancing years. The early-built Generator is said to power their early civilization before advancing their technology. The drone is designed and built after the Gravity Drones, harboring massive heavy armor plates made by an unknown ore and upgraded weaponry systems. Because of it's weight, the drone rests on top of a tall support beam, degraded over the centuries, causing weak points to be exposed.


An absolute lack of maintenance on the support beams under the drone exposes weak points in the structure, thus allowing Samus to destroy them -using her Screw Attack, bringing the drone closer to an exhaust pipe that destroyed the armor plates. This eventually allowed the drone to levitate and move freely to ram into Samus. Three Super Missiles were enough to bring the drone down.

Generator Guard Drone III (Naked)

Generator Guard Drone III (Defenseless)


The Generator Guard Drone III uses it's mounted 'twin-turrets' for offense and is protected with heavy armor plating. To counter the heavy weight, the drone uses an anti-gravity system allowing it free mobility.


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