Generator Guard Drone V
Generator Guard Drone V

<center>Generator Guard Drone V</center>
LM (Original) - Signia Temple
Inconclusive; destroyed by an
Unidentified Tentacled Creature
Access to the Generator Room

Generator Guard Drone V (GGDV) is the fifth drone Samus encounters. This Generator Guard Drone protects one of the four generators Samus needs to shut down. The drone can be located in the Signia Temple within Mt. Joffa.


This special Generator Drone exists as a Generator all-together. The X-nelians advance in their technology to use a generator as it's own means for protection. It is currently unknown as to why the generators' location and purpose but based on current evidence, it is confirmed that the generator was recently completed, possibly before the X-nelians' disappearance.


When Samus enters the Generator Guard Drone's chamber, she finds the same Unidentified Tentacled Creature that drained the Generator Guard Drone II's energy supply, here again draining this drone's energy supply. As a result, the drone is defeated.


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