Lake Raj
Lake Raj
Level 6 - Lake Raj
X-nel XI Map (3)
Level 0
Items Gravity Rocket Boots
Inhabitants Aqua Spikas, Tro Fish, Fuugos
Featured in Lego Metroid
Lake Raj is a small lake holding a submerged cavern known as Botem Cavern, where Dal-G relocated during Dorn's invasion in the X-nelian Mine. The only known entrance to this cavern is through this lake. The liquid environment hinders Samus's movements but allow her to walk underwater as if on land. Her jumping abilities and speed, however, are greatly hindered and/or ceased function.


Because of the dense woods preventing possible drop-off points, accessing the lake directly is not possible. Traveling through Orgo Woods, Samus can reach Lake Raj.




> Fuugos

External LinksEdit

Lake Raj is featured in Lego Metroid Episode 7 - Confrontation

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