Mana Prowlers
Mana Prowlers
Location Signia Temple
Homeworld X-nel XI
Attacks Swarming their prey
Weakness Body
Behavior Attack in groups
Featured in Lego Metroid
Mana Prowlers are small arthropods that have unusual predatory instincts. These insectoids inhabit areas around the base of most trees and can sense movement on the surface. Though blind, Mana Prowlers navigate by following the scent of their prey. Unlike all arthropods, Mana Prowlers hunt like predators and are commonly organized in groups -not colonies. The more Mana Prowlers, the high risk of falling victim for these prowlers work great in numbers. Mana Prowlers work together and don't need a queen to supply them with more prowlers. These creatures are relentless and will attack their prey regardless of size.