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Metalzora as she appears
in Lego Metroid (Original)
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Metalzora is a mischievous character creating nuisance whenever encountering Samus during her missions.


In Lego Metroid, Metalzora hides in the background throughout the series and usually interacts with Samus pushing and shoving her into pits. Metalzora's alliance is uncertain. When Dorn's Army infiltrated the X-nelian Mines, Metalzora and it's team is seen defending the mine alongside with Dal-G. Yet even after that, Metalzora continues to act mischievous around Samus. In Lego Metroid Episode 6 - A Lost Memory, Metalzora is seen staring into one of the X-nelian Lores in one of the first rooms as Samus walks in. It could be possible that Metalzora shares a connection with the X-nelians, but it isn't confirmed yet. In the very ending of the episode, Metalzora is seen taking off it's helmet, revealing to be a humanoid female, which was thought to be male. This strange character may just yet play an important role in Samus's adventure.
Metalzora Revealed

Metalzora taking off her helmet


Easter EggsEdit

Metalzora appears in many areas throughout the mini-series.