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Location X-nelian Research Facility
Homeworld Originating from the planet SR388
Attacks Draining life energy from prey
Weakness Extreme sensitivity to cold temperatures and Screw Attack
Behavior Aggressive
Featured in Lego Metroid
Metroids are a species of predators in the video game series of the same name, originating from the planet SR388. Metroids feed on the "life energy" of their prey in a manner similar to the way leeches drain a host organism's blood. However, Metroids normally drain enough energy to kill their victims, which infers that Metroids are not parasites, but in fact predators. The name "Metroid" in the Chozo language means "ultimate warrior". In Lego Metroid, Metroids are used as experiments under Dorn's command. Seen only once in the X-nelian Research Facility, Samus released the Metroid and destroyed it via Screw Attack. Metroids are extremely sensitive to cold temperatures and Samus' Screw Attack. After discovering the experimentation undergoing in the facility, Samus suspects Dorn is somehow affiliated with Space Pirates and confirms the suspicion when Ridley returns.