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Ridley, or Lego Ridley, is Samus's arch rival, fought in most of her missions. It is a complete mystery as to how Ridley survived his many deaths against Samus and as to how Ridley makes an appearance on the remote planet, X-nel XI. After discovering the experiments with Metroids and the secret rebirth of Ridley, Samus concludes that Dorn is somehow affiliated with Space Pirates.


As in Metroid Prime, Ridley's main weakness is his chest. Firing a Super Missile at Ridley's mouth while charging for a plasma attack, can stun Ridley. While stunned an opportunity to strike his chest is open. Three Super Missiles will bring Ridley down.


Ridley can shoot Plasma Beams from it's mouth, though it takes quite the time to charge up for each blast Ridley wants to make, this fault in the rebirth of Ridley reveals potential exposure of it's weakness.


Lego Metroid (Original):


  • Ridley was designed and built way before the release of the first episode of Lego Metroid.
  • You can find Ridley's head as an Easter egg in the Junkyard entrance in Episode 2 - A New Mission.
Ridley\'s Secret Appearance


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