Screw Attack

Screw Attack

The Screw Attack is possibly one of Samus's most famous Power Suit upgrades. It is an advanced and powerful movement system that allows Samus Aran to cause extreme damage to enemies while somersaulting, engulfing Samus in an aura of glowing plasma and electricity. The Screw Attack can destroy most creatures instantly on contact. The Screw Attack appears in many games. In Lego Metroid, Samus automatically initiates the Screw Attack as she performs a diagonal or vertical jump. The Screw Attack can be used in conjunction with the Wall Jump Surface (or Screw Attack Wall), to perform Wall Jumps allowing Samus to access high places unreachable by Hi-Jump. This movement system also enables Samus to demolish her enemies with one swift jump. It also allows Samus to break black-lined bricks unreachable via Morph Ball. Samus acquires the Screw Attack by defeating the Fleecram in the The Ancient Temple.

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